At BoomTree we manufacture and distribute Moringa

Our Mission

Boom Tree’s mission is to provide Moringa in the most convenient way. We focus on the production and processing of Moringa leaves, offering 120 capsules of Moringa Leaf Powder presentation, Moringa Shake Mix in two different presentations: cocoa and coconut, and finally raw moringa leaf powder.

What is Moringa?

Well the Moringa Oleífera Tree is originally from India, it has however reached all the world’s tropical countries, where it is cultivated for diverse purposes. Moringa can be sought for its seeds, bark, and leaves.

The seeds are often used to extract its oil, which contains Vitamin A and is antioxidant oil.

The bark is used in alternative medicine, and the leaves are a super food, which can help fight malnutrition, they can provide antioxidants, amino acids, and can be used to support digestion, the liver’s function, fight diabetes, cancer and other diseases.

Please note that none of the parts of the Moringa Oleífera tree can be used as a unique treatment to any disease. Any of its uses must be used as supplementary to a treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Why Do we focus on the Moringa Leaf Powder?

 Moringa Leaves are the most studied part of the tree, and they are the richest one in nutrients, while containing 46 antioxidant, 10 essential amino acids, calcium, potassium, protein, and diverse mineral, such as magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc.

 We offer a variety of options: capsules, shake mixes, or moringa leaf powder in a raw presentation.

Recommended Use

Moringa 120 Capsules.

We recommend 4 capsules daily as a natural supplement; it can be taken according to the each individual’s itinerary. However we highly recommend it’s taken at day time to help increase energy, thus, 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before lunch are one way Moringa can be ingested. 

Moringa 2Go Cocoa or Moringa 2 Go Coconut.

 We recommend 1 Shake a Day, taken between meals or with meals with the milk of your choice, sweeten to taste. We also suggest adding fruits, and the use of a blender.

 A great way to take Moringa 2Go is by adding it also to yogurt, adding some honey, nuts and fruits, specially berries.

 Check out our blog to learn how to make banana pancakes with Moringa 2Go Cocoa.

 Meal replacement is possible however it must be reviewed by a nutritionist. You cannot replace more than one meal a day and lunch cannot be replaced by the shake. If a meal replacement is made it should be with either soy milk or cow milk. Your diet must be approved by a nutritionist.

 Moringa Leaf Powder 1/2 pound.

 We recommend one to two tablespoons per day, it can be added to meals or beverages.