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Moringa mixed with Cocoa

We know Moringa can mix with a variety of things but when you mix it with Cocoa you get a powerful Energy Boost like no other! 

Why is that? That's because Cocoa is a natural source of energy and it also improves your mood :) 

Another key benefit of such a mix is that Cocoa is ANTIOXIDANT! 

Moringa, as you might know by now, has 46 ANTIOXIDANTS! Imagine mixing antioxidants together: You get a MAJOR DETOX!

You might think that Cocoa is fattening, but have you heard of Alkalized cocoa powder? It's a wonder! 0 FAT!

Well then, I think it's time you give this mix a shot and see the benefits for yourself ;) 

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Our Product is from El Salvador.